Electricity: Erotic Uses

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1.    Kink/BDSM basics

2.    Electricity basics

3.    More electricity information

4.    Types of gear

5.    Additional vendors

6.    Products: Pictures & prices

7.    High-End Electrical Presentation (integrated sound, sight & sensation play)

8.    Presentations through the years

9.    A book chapter on Electrical

10. Gracious image permissions


Kink/BDSM basics

·       Safety

o   Know your partner -- to stay alive. If the person is a stranger to you, make sure someone knows with whom you are leaving.

o   Basic first aid information is helpful for any dungeon accidents that might occur. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) skills are especially important for electrical play. The American Red Cross at www.redcross.org holds "Adult First Aid/CPR/AED" training. Sometimes local kink groups will have a class held just for them.

o   E-Stim is generally considered to be unsuitable for anyone who is epileptic1; or with a pacemaker, or medical infusion device; a heart disturbance; during pregnancy and should never be used above the waist.2
(E-Stim Systems video 001 What is E Stim. A handy guide to the world of Electrosex and Electroplay.mp4)
2 (E-Stim Systems brochure p. 3)

·       Roles

o   Top/bottom – the do-er and done-to; could be one-time encounters

o   Dominant/submissive ("D/s") – a power exchange encounter or relationship

o   Daddy/boy (& "boi") -- a D/s relationship where often the boy has some input

o   Master/slave -- a D/s relationship where the slave strives to conform the will to his/her Master's

·       Flagging -- where are this person's keys, flogger, and/or handkerchief?

o   Left = Top, right = bottom

o   "Handkerchief code" colors: black = SM, gray = bondage

·       Safewords -- a means of helping a Top know what's going on, though not universally used.  Common ones are the traffic light colors, “green” for everything’s great, “yellow” for it’s getting a bit too intense, and “red” for stop.


Electricity basics

·       Electricity likes to go from point A to point B.

·       Electricity can force muscles to contract.

·       You never, ever want to send a current where it can pass across the heart (or brain). That can interfere with the heart's natural pulse and stop it. Shorthand: "No contact above the waist." (See also medical TENS further below, however.)

·       Bears repeating: "E-Stim is generally considered to be unsuitable for anyone who is epileptic; or with a pacemaker, or medical infusion device; a heart disturbance; during pregnancy and should never be used above the waist." 3
3 Ibid.


More electricity information

·       Online forums such as socialstim.org have lots of information.

·       Reddit has the subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/estim

·       I really appreciate Joanne’s Reviews’ EStim Resources, especially her clear Electrosex And E-stim Electrode Position Guide

·       www.fetlife.com has many groups devoted to erotic electrical work, including the well-organized Electrical Play.

·       E-Stim Systems has both a great E-Stim Tips section and also a User Support forum. 
Also, their beautiful premium electrodes come with a lifetime guarantee, are made of aircraft grade aluminium and are designed (with the exception of the Electro Egg) to be disassembled for cleaning.

·       ErosTek has a Getting Started blog, which connects to their Getting Started Guide.

·       For violet wands, see the subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/estim/wiki/violet_wands and the brief section below.


Types of gear

·       Violet wands (technically, "master high frequency units") & neon wands

o   There is a big intensity difference in "regular" violet wands sold new through beauty supply stores and used through flea markets versus the units that were made by Erotec (which stopped producing them circa 2001) and others manufactured specifically for kink use. Each have their place.

o   To me, a body contact pad attachment was a must-have, even if you already had a violet wand and purchased it separately.
==> Make sure to prevent any current going to ground while wearing this attachment. (Suggestions: Don't sit or have your sub partner sit on a first story floor of a building. Do wear rubber-soled footgear.) I am one of two users I know who were afflicted by nerve problems immediately after using these in 1998. For me, it created neuropathy in my arms and legs. For the other person, it exacerbated preexisting neuropathy.

o   The International Violet Wand Guild is a one stop site for information / community / shopping for violet wands. Violetwanda hand-makes the "best violet wands since 1998." Meanwhile The Violet Wand Store manufactures the Nova Violet Wand®, "the most popular violet wand in America."

o   Neon wands are less powerful devices that also throw electricity; but are solid state instead of mechanical and come at a more reasonable price point (about $150 vs. $230-$400).

·       Power boxes

o   many units...

§  Medical TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units are different from the power box devices discussed below, though one could use many of the attachments discussed below. See the separate TENS page at electrical.officerwes.com/tens.htm for extremely important further discussion

§  pulse signal generator (PSG) and electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) power boxes from:

§  E-Stim Systems at www.e-stim.co.uk (UK).  For folx just starting out they have a handy CHOOSING A POWERBOX guide.

§  ElectraStim at www.electrastim.com (UK)

§  ErosTek at erostek.com, which makes remote and audio controlled units, including units with programs. The units with programs are amazing, yet also remove some of the direct knowledge of what the unit is doing (for example, the internal program may be running through an increase in intensity independently of the external hands-on intensity adjusting knobs) -- though the moans and screams fill in a lot.

§  Folsom Electric Company at www.folsomelectricompany.com

§  Fort Troff at www.FortTroff.com

§  Paradise Electro Stimulations at www.peselectro.com is "... the original creator of erotic electro stimulative devices" and holds 11 U.S. patents. My first electrical purchase was a broad array of P.E.S. gear in 1992. The P.E.S. Web site describes intimate uses for their gear, and supports secure online ordering. P.E.S. makes the P.E.S. Power Box.

§  Relax-A-cisorTM abdomen exercise setup (no longer manufactured) and other EMS units

§  Rimba at www.therimbastore.com/wp/electro-sex (scroll down) is a manufacturer of lower cost gear. I have no experience with it to give an opinion.

§  I read that Zeus Electrosex at www.zeuselectrosex.com is Rimba gear re-branded for Extreme Restraints. They have a nice Education section for their gear. I would not use the Electrosex (Nipple) Clamps out of concern for the heart, including possible death. (See warning at Electricity basics.)

o   ...and many attachments

§  Creative, inexpensive, metallic "pervertibles" to which current could be applied -- such as cigar tubes, spoons, and tinsel.

§  Single electrode attachments require another attachment to complete a circuit.

§  urethral insert

§  anal / vaginal probe

§  some cockrings (those without two separated A-to-B points)

§  scroll through the Products: Pictures & prices section to see more clever variations

§  Dual electrode attachments do not require another attachment to complete a circuit:

§  specialized buttplugs

§  vaginal plate

§  some cockrings (those with two separated A-to-B points)

§  again, scroll through the Products: Pictures & prices section to see more clever variations

§  Many attachments (urethral insert, anal / vaginal probe, cockrings, specialized buttplugs, vaginal plate) require conductive gels with electrolytes to conduct electricity adequately. (You can use KY with salt mixed in, but the sensation is not nearly as clean and even. It tends to have an unpleasant bite.) Ask for "ultrasound gel" at your local medical supply store, or online. Note that www.peselectro.com warns that silicone is an insulator, and as such should not be used as a conductive gel; nor should it be used with silicone gear, as the lubricant will attach to the product, which would make a formerly-smooth product rough.

§  You can also use special "sticky" conductive pads to transmit the current directly between areas without an attachment. (Relaxicisors worked this way. TENS units are prescribed for muscle groups this way. But the principle will work with PSG / EMS power box units also.)

·       Other

o   Electronic dog collars

o   Cattle prods (and their immobilizing cousins -- stunners, zappers and tazers)

o   Hand crank generators


Additional vendors

·       Local leather shops. If you are lucky enough to have a local leather shop, by all means give them a run at your business.

·       HappyStim-USA at www.HappyStim-USA.com [not a secure https: Web site]

·       Current Pleasures at www.currentpleasures.com has a low-price guarantee.

·       Mr. S Leather at www.mr-s-leather.com both carries other vendors' gear and also has some exclusives of their own. Richard and Tchukon Hunter and their folks provide excellent service. I highly recommend them.

·       Paddle Daddy at www.paddledaddy.com makes e-stim cock & balls toys and sells them through local retailers.

·       Stockroom at www.stockroom.com also carries other vendors' gear (I've seen P.E.S., ElectraStim, and Rimba, gear, for example) and has exclusives of their own like the KinkLab neon wand.

·       eBay at www.ebay.com often has gear on auction.


Products: Pictures & prices
a broad sampling of what's available

"Violet wand" (master high frequency unit)

Okay for use above the waist (since the electricity does not travel through the body cavity, where it could interfere with the heart), but avoid the eye area.

Ultra Violet Wand Set (7 attachments, including Lightning Hands™)
approximately $398.95 (price can vary quite a bit).

·       Ultra Violet Wand Set Small (1 Glass Attachment)
approximately $229.95 (again, price can vary quite a bit).

violet wand set in special case

violet wand set outside special case for better viewing

Stockroom KinkLab Neon Wand

Okay for use above the waist (since the electricity does not travel through the body cavity, where it could interfere with the heart), but avoid the eye area.

Neon Wand Electrosex Kit (4 different glass attachments -- Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe, Tongue Tube).

Approximately $150.

KinkLab Neon Wand

E-Stim Systems 2B power box
includes Internet control capability

==> Do not use above the waist!

This unit ships with 17 programs ("Throb", "Thrust", "Tickle", etc.), audio controlled stimulation, and a lighted LCD display.

For audio control, the set includes a built-in microphone, and an external input jack for connecting to a cell phone or any device with a headphone jack.

Comments: I've not used this box yet but am intrigued by its specs, particularly the Internet control capability.

Like the MK-312BT below, I would use this in conjunction with a cell phone for music, a light/sound device like the PHOTOSONIX Nova Pro 100 (about $399), and Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones (about $349, though other vendors have some less expensive competing models) to provide a total audio/visual/physical experience.

Approximately $399 at Mr. S Leather (without the above add-ons).

E-Stim Systems 2B

Electrified Experiences’ MK-312BT programmable power box only at ErosTek

==> Do not use above the waist!

The MK-312BT started as a community project that sought to improve the ErosTek ET-312B, its predecessor.  The new MK-312BT has all of the features of the original with several key upgrades, including WiFi and Bluetooth options.

For audio control, the set includes a microphone, and an external input jack for connecting to any device with a headphone jack.

Comments: We use a similar ET312B in conjunction with a cell phone for music, a PHOTOSONIX Nova Pro 100 (about $399) for visual, and Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones (about $349, though other vendors have some less expensive competing models) to provide a total audio/visual/physical experience.

$749 (without the above add-ons).

P.E.S. Power Box

==> Do not use above the waist!

The P.E.S. Power Box was my first power box unit and I love it. It does lack oomph at the most intense end, but the knobs give instant hassle-free adjustments.

Approximately $243.

PES Power Box

ErosTek ET232 portable unit

==> Do not use above the waist!

Most similar to ErosTek’s former ET312B mentioned above in its preset routines, but in a smaller hand-held package. The ET-312B offered additional features such as LCD display, much longer battery life, a rechargeable battery, higher power, higher frequency and more.  The ET312B was superceded by the MK-312BT with Bluetooth & WiFi.

Approximately $299.


Acrylic buttplugs from P.E.S.
(a dual electrode attachment is shown, but some buttplugs are single electrode attachments)
(Note: P.E.S. also has Electro-Flex™ buttplugs made from a conductive silicone elastomer.)

Approximately $150 each (small, medium, large).

acrylic buttplugs

Anal Tubular from P.E.S.
(a single electrode attachment)

"specifically designed to deliver the stimuli to precise areas within the anal and rectum regions. The Anal Tubular Electrode is the perfect electrode for those who are not normally anally active."

Approximately $69.95.

firm but flexible conductive band on colorful base

Prostate Stimulator from P.E.S.
(a single electrode attachment)

Approximately $129.95.

chrome ball at end of rubbery stalk with colorful yellow and purple base

Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug 2.0 (EWMCBP), only from Mr. S Leather
(a dual electrode attachment -- read description below)

"The butt plugs are wired two-pole, with positive side on large part of the plug and the negative pole on the base of the butt plug. The sensation is fantastic especially at the opening where the most nerve endings are located. Slip the comfortable plug into your butt, plug it into an electric box, and feel your butt hum!" Sounds delicious.

Approximately $119.95 each (medium & large sizes offered)

FlexProbe from ErosTek
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $99.

 ErosTek FlexProbe ST7500 

Electro-FlexTM Tubular Rings from P.E.S.


flexible conductive rings

"Scrotum Electrodes" from P.E.S., "ElectroBands" from ErosTek, and "Electro Band" from Mr. S Leather
(Single electrode unit shown. Single and dual electrode devices available.)

$35 each ($59-$69/pair) for single electrode configuration.
$39 each for one dual electrode configuration.

flexible conductive bands

Testicle Tubular from P.E.S.
(a single electrode device)

"...designed to conform to the soft tissue mass of the scrotum sack, while at the same time encapsulating each testicle separately."


electrode designed to lay around the testicles

E-Cup with Neoprene Jock from ErosTek
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $149.

a blue men's pouch with straps, similar to a jockstrap but with a hole cutout for the penis to come through and electrical coating on back

Metal cockrings from ElectraStim 
and variations on the theme
(single electrode “Prestige Metal Electro Cockring” is shown; though other vendors have dual electrode versions as well.  I found these to be particularly beautiful.)

From $45 each (five sizes).

Comments: This uses a TENS-type connection.

A silver ring with holes

Description automatically generated

Captivator & Smasher Electrical Ball Crushers from Mr. S Leather and similar BiPolar and Quad-Electrode from ErosTek
(dual electrode devices)

Approximately $189.95.

Captivator Electrical Ball Crusher

Folsom Electric Cock & Ball Torture Boards

Approximately $199.95.

intense-looking device with many electrical pathways.  Cock and balls are laid under the top, mostly clear, plastic from a hole underneath -- then the top is cinched down

P.E.S. Sparkler Electrodes
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $79.95.

3 different diameter catheters

P.E.S. Deep Throat
(a dual electrode device)

What a beautiful piece of gear. Go to the P.E.S. site to read how cool the configuration options are -- and see it in action with a couple of other pieces of cock gear that look fun, the single electrode Mid Ring and Base Ring!

Approximately $169.95.

P.E.S. Deep Throat

P.E.S. Corona Cockhead Stimulator
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $79.95.

PES Corona Cockhead Stimulator

P.E.S. Vaginal Shield
(a dual electrode device)

Approximately $79.95.

PES Vaginal Shield

Bluetooth buttplug from Lovense
(a 1.5" buttplug is shown, but it also comes in 1.75")
Not an electrosex item per-se -- it doesn't send electricity around/through areas of the body, but the technology is impressive and deserves a mention here.
Note: Online feedback at 3/2017 shortly after product launch is that quality of this new item and its enabling app need some improvement.

·       sync to music

·       sound-activated vibrations

Approximately $119.

hush buttplug

Hand crank generators

The interrogation tool of choice of South American dictators.

This particular variation has combined both a 110 volt generator along the right, and a 170 volt generator along the left, inside one handy carrying case. The top photo shows the exterior where the cranking handles are. The two knobs along the front lip are potentiometers. On the right and left of the back lip are bicolored LEDs that show frequency and intensity for their respective generator. Also along the back lip are two output jacks for each generator. Frequency is controlled by speed of cranking and is indicated by blinking speed of LED. Intensity is controlled by the potentiometer and is indicated by the brightness of the LED.

A shop called "Acme Leather & Toy Company" from Cincinnati offered these at Living in Leather VIII in 1993 for $269.

Hand crank generator exterior

Hand crank generator interior

Cattle prods
Use only shorter 2-3 cell units, more are too intense. Do not use stunners, zappers or tazers, which are high-voltage, high frequency items designed to temporarily immobilize a victim.

Picture not available.


Some electrical presentations I've done

·       In 2024 an e-stim 201 workshop for  Club X' "Xhibition" series assisted by dogslave bobby

·       in 2019, an intimate presentation for FetishMenSanDiego at Tom’s Place, assisted by slave frank; and another for FetishMenSanDiego at Pleasures and Treasures served by dogslave bobby and slave frank; plus a presentation in the San Diego Leather Realm at San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride, served by slave frank

·       in 2018, hands-on electrical for FetishMenSanDiego event "Kinky Petting Zoo" and High-End Electrical, served by slave frank, at SouthPlains Leatherfest - International Master/slave Weekend and a presentation in the San Diego Leather Realm at San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride, served by dogslave bobby

·       in 2017, a presentation for Leather Pride Week at Pleasures and Treasures

·       in 2016, two presentations for the The Leather Realm at San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride

·       in 2014, a fun presentation for FetishMenSanDiego

·       in 2012, a packed presentation for Pleasures and Treasures’ Info.Sexology series

·       In 2011, a workshop for the San Diego League of Gentlemen

·       in 2007, called Power Play: High End Electrical for SouthPlains Leatherfest - International Master/slave Weekend and an intimate workshop for the San Diego League of Gentlemen

·       in 2006 a workshop for Club X' "Back to Basics" series

·       in 2005 an experiential evening of High End Electrical: Integrating Sight, Sound & Sensation for Club X

·       in 2004 for the San Diego League of Gentlemen: one was a special presentation on High End Electrical integrating sight & sound with sensation; a second was on the erotic use of violet wands

·       in 2003 for the The Leather Realm at San Diego Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride

·       in 2002 for Central Texas Couples (a pansexual SIG for couples who live together "24/7" and have some sort of D/s - BDSM in their lives) and through mentoring in Austin Mentors with SAADE

·       in 2001 for the Group With No Name (GWNN) Birthday Bash "We love to be 8"

·       in 2000 for NLA:Dallas' Beyond Vanilla X

·       in 1999 for NLA:Houston at the Ripcord

·       in 1998 for H.E.E.L. (Houston Educates & Encourages Leather) at Pacific Street and for Houston EROS  (the Erotic Rose Society)

·       in 1996 for NLA:Houston as an official Houston GLBT Pride Week event

·       in 1995 for NLA:Houston as an official Houston GLBT Pride Week event

·       in 1994 for The Leather Journal's Pantheon of Leather

·       in 1993 for NLA:Houston as an official Houston GLBT Pride Week event


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